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Other Issues Resolved

It is important to distinguish between “psychological” problems and “physiological” problems, with the latter being problems that are mainly due to some particular “physical” issue (for example Paranoia can be either a problem of “brain chemistry” or a “thinking pattern”).

It is advisable to seek a proper medical diagnosis prior to engaging in a course of Hypnotherapy to ensure that the appropriate treatment is provided if such an underlying medical problem is identified.

Here at my practice I help you to access your own “inner resources” as well as to then make changes to your thought processes, allowing you to develop more helpful response to old situations and triggers.

I can help you to successfully overcome a wide range of problems and concerns, including but by no means limited, to the following conditions:

There are many more symptoms and issues that I can help with and it would be impossible to list everything that I can be help you with, so even if you don’t see your particular problem contained in the list above, please do not assume that I cannot help you.

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