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The Stop Smoking Hypnosis Program I use has been shown to be one of the most effective ways to stop smoking PERMANENTLY!

Research in the New Scientist Journal has shown, beyond any question, that Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy are the best way of stopping smoking permanently.. So why do you want to stop smoking?

I know it sounds like an odd question, but actually, during the development of stop smoking hypnosis techniques, one of the things that has been noticed was that the reasons people give for why they want to stop smoking all seem like good reasons, but actually turn out to be quite ineffective when it comes to actually stopping!

Typical reasons why people want to stop smoking might be:

● It costs too much

● My partner doesn’t like it

● I don’t want my kids to smoke

● It’s socially unacceptable

● I don’t like being a slave to nicotine

● I don’t want to get lung cancer

● I want to be fitter

Now while these might all seem like really good reasons, research shows that if they were really good enough reasons then the smoker would have stopped by now!

The problem with the above list is that while they may appear to be really good reasons to stop smoking, when you weigh up the BENEFITS of those reasons compared to the BENEFITS of smoking, then they simply don’t cut the mustard!

Did I really say “benefits of smoking”?

Well yes! If you don’t recognize that smoking GIVES you something, then how are you ever going to recognize that giving up smoking means the loss of those benefits?

Just look at what smokers get from the Smoking habit:

Doesn’t it…….

● Relax you?

● Put the finishing touch to a good meal?

● Get you started in the morning?

● Provide you with a bit of “me time”?

● Go perfectly with a drink?

● Give you a bit of “extra thinking time”?

Some smokers get these benefits twenty times a day! Is it any wonder then that for some people it can be difficult to stop smoking when you consider what you are ACTUALLY giving up.

If smoking isn’t a pleasure then why do people bother doing it?

If there were NO health hazards from smoking would you still want to give it up?

I would like to suggest to you that one of the main reasons that you have found it so hard to stop smoking up until now is that you simply haven’t had a very good (enough) set of reasons to quit, or more precisely, you have not had any TANGIBLE reasons to quit.

Ask yourself this question;

“If you give up all of the things that you enjoy about smoking right NOW, how many of the reasons you gave for wanting to give up will give you tangible benefits right HERE and NOW”?

Do you think you’ll feel fitter after 5 days of not smoking?
Do you think you’ll have loads more money after 5 days of quitting?

Do you think you will have totally eliminated the chances of getting lung cancer 5 days after stopping smoking?

…… I don’t think so!

“It’s really difficult to stop smoking….”

Now this is the second main reason why you have found it difficult to stop smoking up until now.

The fact of the matter is that you BELIEVE that it is difficult to stop smoking, and when you believe something with such conviction, it usually turns out to be correct. NOT correct in general terms, but correct for YOU.

What you believe can simply become your reality.

By changing your BELIEFS about smoking, you will be able to stop smoking… permanently!

50% of what happens during our stop smoking session is dedicated to helping you totally modify your THINKING and BEHAVIOUR about smoking leading you to be able to stop smoking forever.

Do you guarantee that I will stop smoking after the session?

Sorry but the answer is NO. Think about it for a moment, if any kind of therapy was “guaranteed” then how much effort would you put in? Wouldn’t a guarantee mean that it is the responsibility of the Therapist to MAKE you stop? Unfortunately life just isn’t like that!

However, IF you are really COMMITTED to wanting to stop smoking and are prepared to take the responsibility and put in the effort, then by following our programme you will have a fantastic chance of quitting forever.

Will I be under the control of the Hypnotist?

Absolutely not! Hypnosis is one of those subjects that is largely mis-understood and in fact does NOT involve losing control at all. In fact, Hypnosis is actually a state in which you are much more “aware” of your surroundings and also much more open to the powerful suggestions contained in the session itself.

As there is no “conflict” between what you want to achieve (stopping smoking) and what we are helping you to do (stop smoking) your mind effectively “buys into” the suggestions that we make during the Hypnosis.

TRULY ready to make the commitment to quit smoking permanently?

If you just want to TRY hypnosis to quit smoking, like you have tried and failed at all the other methods out there and you HOPE hypnosis works, then unfortunately, you are setting yourself up for failure.

HOWEVER, if you have had enough of the pain that cigarettes and tobacco products have caused you in your life and ENOUGH is FINALLY ENOUGH!, YOU WILL BECOME A SUCCESSFUL NON-SMOKER USING HYPNOSIS.

If the answer is without doubt-YES! then simply give me a call to arrange your stop smoking program.

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