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Many people have been helped to overcome their personal issues through the experience, caring and compassion of Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Coach, Jeff Dunbar; TRANSFORMING their lives for the BETTER!

Below are just a few of the many success stories. Why not become one yourself, TODAY?

"Jeff has been a tremendous support to me in helping to frame my thoughts/beliefs for optimum life benefits.  From me seeing loss of a parent, raising a special needs child to sorting careers, Jeff has helped teach me how to empower myself to bring the best of me in each life experience.  I have learned a great many lessons/teachings from my sessions with Jeff, that I use each day, and have had the pleasure in sharing to those close to me as well.  Thank you Jeff!"
Jonathan L.-Surrey, BC

“After years of lack of confidence on the ice (and off the ice), I decided to take a different approach to improving my overall game. I met with Jeff multiple times to work on my mindset and dispel some negative beliefs I had of myself. Because of Jeff, the mental side of my game has been completely revamped, and I’ve never felt more confident on the ice. I’d highly recommend the benefits of hypnosis for all athletes as well as anyone looking to improve on their personal everyday lives.”
Jordan-Professional Hockey Player

“I first met Jeff in November 2013.  I messaged him through his website and he responded quickly.  The first time I met him in person I was immediately comfortable with him.  I have tried other hypnotherapy sessions and did not receive any results. I came to Jeff with several issues.  Within about 3 sessions I noticed a difference in how I was feeling.  My stress was greatly decreased and I was feeling much better. I continue to see him about other issues I am having and always feel great after I leave a session. I would highly recommend him to anyone dealing with any issues.

Thank you so much Jeff for all your help and look forward to continuing with you.”
Karen - Langley, BC

“I had been a pack a day smoker for over 30 years and have tried almost everything to quit. Over the years I have tried medications, patches, gums, and even just gone cold turkey, without any success. That is until I found hypnotherapy and Jeff Dunbar.  After only two sessions with Jeff I was finally a non-smoker with no cravings or weight gain! Thank you so much Jeff, your program is amazing!”
Mike C.-Surrey, BC

“Jeff, I just wanted to let everyone know how much you have helped me change my life. Your understanding, compassion and skill at what you do is the best. My weight has continually dropped since our last session two months ago and I am down an incredible 20 pounds. I no longer crave junk food and eat to live, not live to eat anymore. The energy I have now is astonishing!”
Betty T-Langley, BC

“Having been afraid to speak to groups of people over the years had created so much stress in my life that it had affected my career. I turned down many wonderful job opportunities because they required public speaking.  I was just terrified and felt I was going to have a heart attack anytime I had to speak in front of a gathering of people. I could not even go to toastmaster. Not anymore, after only one session I am no longer a hostage to my fear. I speak with confidence and calmness and now love to express my ideas in front of others. I am now looking forward to growing my career that I have denied myself for so long. I would recommend Jeff Dunbar without question. I have been helped so much!”
Cheryl R.-Surrey, BC

“I had been scared of flying in airplanes all my life so much that I never travelled anywhere by air. So many places I wanted to see in this world and enjoy, but I just could not get over the fear. Jeff helped me in only two sessions to take control of my life and no longer be afraid. I have now travelled in airplanes many times and I feel wonderful each time. Thanks Jeff for opening up a new life me!”
Rich D.-Delta, BC

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