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Weight Management

Weight management hypnosis is as popular as using hypnosis to stop smoking and as a specific treatment has been around for at least 60 years.

Today’s weight management Hypnosis is very unlike the old methods which focused on using “aversion” techniques such as hypnotizing people to “believe” that chocolate and sweets taste like “old rubber” but it has been largely recognized today that unless you address the underlying reasons WHY people over-eat then these “lesser” approaches are only very short lived.

The weight management sessions used here at Optimum Self combine some form of “Cognitive” element (the way we “think”) to help overweight people to re-learn more sensible and controlled habits.

Hypnosis is used to help you take control of your eating patterns and to develop a much more balanced relationship with food.

The majority of people who have issues with their eating and drinking also have a variety of other issues which impact upon themselves, some of these may be listed below:

● Poor self-confidence

● Low self-esteem

● Poor, and/or factually inaccurate self and body image

● Lack of will power

● Feelings of guilt

● Boredom

● Elevated levels of stress and worry

● Loneliness

● A general lack of exercise

Hypnosis is a more effective intervention for weight problems, as it aims to address and minimize unhelpful beliefs and issues.

Clinical Hypnosis will enable you to move on from unhelpful thought patterns in as little as four sessions. It will provide you with a greater sense of self; it will boost self-confidence, willpower and self-esteem; it will help you build on your self-belief; you will become more consciously aware of what and when you are eating and drinking, thereby enabling you to become more in control; you will have greater motivation for exercise and you will have a strong visual image of yourself as a successful person who is in control if their eating and drinking.

Hypnosis is also wonderfully relaxing and reduces stress levels.  If you have a more serious long term problem with your eating, or perhaps you have a concern that you might develop an eating disorder such as bulimia or anorexia, then it is likely that you would benefit most from a course of Analytical Hypnosis.

This type of therapy would provide you with all the benefits of clinical hypnosis, while also helping you to fully resolve your issues with eating and self-image, leaving you free to enjoy a more stable and relaxed approach to eating and drinking.

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